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Ferrari Challenge

Ferrari Challenge - Factory racing mono-series popular worldwide. It consists of four zonal championships: North American, European, Central Asian and Italian. The most powerful list of participants is considered to be the championship Ferrari Challenge Europe. Pilots are divided into two groups: the Trofeo Pirelli championship for the professional race drivers and the Coppa Shell for beginners in autosport. The series consists of seven steps, passing on the best racetracks in Europe, and completes the season series World Finals, where there are full-time representatives of all the championships.


1993. Ferrari organizes Ferrari Challenge for their clients. Car for the Championship - Ferrari 348 Berlinetta, V8 engine equipped with a volume of 3.4 liters and output of 320 hp. From the production model racing 348th differed only safety cage and lightweight interior.


1994. Model 348 replaced by Ferrari F355. A year later Ferrari made debut version of F355 Challenge, which has become the main driving championship. In contrast to the easily reworked into a new 348 model is easier and more finalized, reviewed the views of the suspension, brakes, clutch and exhaust system.


Ferrari 360 Modena has opened a new page in the history of mark, it began to be equipped with semi-automatic gearbox, switchable as in Formula 1. By tradition, a year after the premiere of the model was released 360 Challenge. In 2000 and 2001 model F355 and 360 were in the Ferrari Challenge Championship side by side. Although the new car was lighter and more powerful 

The increase in power

The next generational shift occurred in 2006 when she made her debut in the championship model Ferrari F430 Challenge. Thanks to the 4.3 liter engine produces 490 hp, F430 much higher than the model 360. In 2006, the Ferrari Challenge both cars out on the tracks, but were in different classes.

Even faster

In 2010 after the premiere of the Ferrari 458 Italia, there was the Ferrari 458 Challenge. The car was faster on the F430 with a range of 5-6 seconds. In 2011, in the Ferrari Challenge car, both 458 and 430 go on the tracks, but act in different classes. Starting with the 2012th in the Ferrari Challenge races will accept only model 458

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