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4 сентября 2011

6th stage, 2-4 September, Austria, Red Bull Ring, Zeltweg

The stage made demands on the team’s efficiency in whole, and the team placed high demands on the championship and competitors.

Qualification run/Race 1 On the starting grid there was the following situation: Alexander Skryabin – 2nd, Andrey Kruglik – 4th, Alexey Vasilyev – 5th, Bjorn Grossman – 21st, Boris Rotenberg – 23rd, Ilya Burenko – 26th, Vladimir Kirilyuk – 30th. Having started, Alexander hesitated a little on the straightaway and lost one position. Three laps before the finish he gained the 2nd place, then he steadily kept this position. In hesitation Alexander blamed the slushy switch of gear box. Alexey was the 3rd. Double podium of the team in Trofeo Pirelli class was supported by Bjorn Grossman that was the 1st in F430. Vladimir Kirilyuk broke through from the start and having overtaken several rivals made the finish successfully. Andrey Kruglik couldn’t end the race because of some problems with newly installed gear box that Ferrari company changed afterwards.

Qualification run/Race 2 Saturday qualification run gave Alexander Skryabin the pole position. Having run the track in 1:33:407 in spite of the win itself, Alexander brought 1 point for the team for pole position and 1 point for the best lap. Alexey Vasilyev with 1:34:256 was the 5th, Andrey Kruglik with 1:34:569 – 10th, Bjorn Grossman with 1:36:61- - 22nd, Boris Rotenberg with 1:38:740 – 23rd, Ilya Burenko with 1:39:275 – 27th, Vladimir Kirilyuk with 1:41:305 – 34th. Sunday was lucky for Alexander Skryabin at the beginning. Having started successfully, not having given way to Blankardi, Alexander was the leader all the race. But a slight mistake and problems with brakes spoilt the whole result. Only four turns before the finish Ferrari number 114 went off the track at full speed, having bumped into tyres with the left side. Alexey Vasilyev, having kept the 5th position all that time, gradually became the 3rd. Finally he finished the 2nd, having won the silver. Grossman repeated his achievement once again and came the 1st in F430. Kruglik battled all the race in Coppa Shell and finished the 3rd. 10 minutes before the end of the race Vladimir Kruglik left the track because of some technical circumstances.

Esta Motorsports Team Russia scored 326 point during the 6th stage. Two 1st places, two 2nd and two 3rd at once. The team got the 1st place in Dealers Cup and during the weekend gained 98 points. The margin between the team and the nearest competitor was 45 point. It’s the best result and the biggest margin.

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