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7 ноября 2011

Final race 2011 season - World Final Ferrari Challenge

November 6, Italy, Autodromo Del Mugello. Our team could nobody stop! Alexander Skyabin that upset Phillip Baron’s plans the day before confirmed his superiority. During the final race Phillip could do nothing but to finish after Alexander that came the second again and thus confirmed his high position not only in Europe but in the world too. Andrey Kruglik after a golden podium on weekend got the third place in Coppa Shell in the world final!

5 ноября 2011

7th stage, Italian victory. November 3-5, Autodromo Del Mugello

Italian chain of circumstances By the final stage the team changed some pilots and performed with 6 cars. For Esta Motorsports Team Russia Italy became not only home (let us remind you, that the base of the team is located in Navara near Milan), but also the place to celebrate a victory. November weekend at Autodromo Del Mugello was full of emotions, exciting battles and victories.

4 сентября 2011

6th stage, 2-4 September, Austria, Red Bull Ring, Zeltweg

The stage made demands on the team’s efficiency in whole, and the team placed high demands on the championship and competitors.

8 августа 2011

5th stage, 5-7 august, Belgium, Spa

Spa circuit is another one oldest track in Europe. 24-hour races took place here in 1924, one year later than in Le Mans. Track length – 7004 meters 19 turns – 10 left and 9 right Maximum onetime elevation difference: 35 meters (Eau Rouge). The lowest point – the valley near Eau Rouge – 391 meters height, the highest – Les Combes – 470 meters.

12 июня 2011

4th stage, 8-11 juny, France. Le Mans

The competition took place on the famous La Sarthe French circuit near Le Mans. It’s one of the oldest race tracks in Europe and in the world, approximately coeval with Monza and Nurburgring. The first races were held on this track in 1923.

24 мая 2011

3th stage, 20-22 may, Portugal, Algarve

Russian team was the main favourite of the race, in spite of unsuccessful stage in Valencia the team was on the 3rd place in team ranking. Nevetheless, 11 recovered positions in the second race in Valencia by Alexander Skryabin and 9 recovered positions by Alexey Vasilyev made competitors take them seriously. The first qualification run – the best time by Alexey Vasilyev. Alexander Skryabin’s gearbox broke, but even in that circumstances he won the 4th position. Resume – the potential of our sportsmen is big. The results of the second qualification run: Alexander Skryabin – 8th place, Alexey Vasilyev – 10th place, Vladimir Kirilyuk – 27th place.

9 мая 2011

2nd stage, 6-8 may, Spain, Valencia

The first qualification run took place in May, 7 at 10.20 a.m. The second qualification run, appointed at 15.30, was cancelled because of heavy shower over Ricardo Tormo circuit. It was decided to share places up to the best results, shown in the first race.

11 апреля 2011

1st stage, 8-10 april, Italy, Monza

First race season Ferrari Challenge will become history of motor racing. Russian racers have won both first places in two races. It was the first race for new cars of Ferrari 458 Challenge Race 1: Alexey Vasilyev - 1st, Alexander Skryabin - 2nd place Race 2: Alexander Skryabin - 1st, Alexey Vasilyev - 2nd place

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