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7 ноября 2011

Final race 2011 season - World Final Ferrari Challenge

November 6, Italy, Autodromo Del Mugello. Our team could nobody stop! Alexander Skyabin that upset Phillip Baron’s plans the day before confirmed his superiority. During the final race Phillip could do nothing but to finish after Alexander that came the second again and thus confirmed his high position not only in Europe but in the world too. Andrey Kruglik after a golden podium on weekend got the third place in Coppa Shell in the world final!

5 ноября 2011

7th stage, Italian victory. November 3-5, Autodromo Del Mugello

Italian chain of circumstances By the final stage the team changed some pilots and performed with 6 cars. For Esta Motorsports Team Russia Italy became not only home (let us remind you, that the base of the team is located in Navara near Milan), but also the place to celebrate a victory. November weekend at Autodromo Del Mugello was full of emotions, exciting battles and victories.

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