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Esta Motorsports is a Russian racing team that have been successfully performed in Ferrari Challenge European series and GT series for already several years. 

The team is formed in 2009.  Years of steady development, self-perfection and winnings leaded to significant results the first place in Dealers Cup 2011&2012 in Ferrari Challenge. The victory is more valuable because it is gained confidently and with significant overtaking. The team scored 429 points during a season 2011 and 821 in 2012 with a record of 103 point per one stage and impressive brake away from competitors. Its not a competition, its a domination over the competitors, it this fact means a great deal.  
We used to surprise our competitors in unpleasant way eight consecutive winnings within one racing weekend and successful performance in Ferrari Challenge and Italian GT CUP, Endurance Champions Cup, FIA GT3 championships. The team has specially stuffed Ferrari 458 Challenge and also cars of previous generation Ferrari 430 Challenge, that allows to take part in all championship classes. The team also has a new cars - Ferrari 458 GT3 and Ferrari 458 GT2,  that allows to participate International GT Open and Le Man series championships.
The team has all the necessary equipment to maintain and repair racing cars. Experience and professionalism of mechanicals and engineers allows to hold any type of works: from adjusting the car up to a concrete track to complex bodyshell repair both on the teams base and during the race.
The base of the team has a convenient geographical situation on the North of Italy, not far from Milan, that allows to relocate  racing equipment all over Europe quickly.
The team cooperates with many highly professional Russian and foreign pilots and trainers that allows to increase professional level of pilots and teams clients constantly.
As a result of all the stated above many pole positions, lap records held by representatives of Esta Motorsports urge the organizers to prepare a Russian national flag and hymn in advance, as they know what team will struggle for the top-positions. And we frequently dont disappoint them. Agree, its up to the team that won the European touring championship in 2011&2012.
P.S. Every fan, every mechanical, every spectator, every pilot, every sponsor they all make invaluable contribution in their own way. If you are interested in Ferrari autosport we are telling you: Welcome!


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