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Team History

Alexander Skryabin (founder, racer)
After I had spent a season 2009 in Ferrari Challenge with a support of my sponsors, it was decided to create our own team. In off-season time I started this process. Choosing the place I thought about the best place for autosport and chose Italy. At that country we created Esta Motorsports. As the owners, sponsors and service personnel are Russian and the teams idea and philosophy is For Russia we decided to name the team - Esta Motorsports Team Russia. For the team we bought Ferrari Challenge 458, the base (in the past it was used by an Italian team performing in Le Man series), trucks and all the equipment necessary for a professional race team. What happened next and what was the result is well-known for many people. The victory in European circuit championship is a good achievement, but we are not going to stop.

About the team and its working scheme
Phillip Zlatkovsky (Esta Motorsports Administrator) interview 12.12.2011

What is the main difference between the team in 2009 and 2011?
The main difference between this period of team life is a team play. In 2009 everything for everybody was unknown. Professional drivers drove the same cars, but the mechanics had to settle down to it. Its clear that there is no difficulties, the car is the same, but there are some peculiarities to know. If to tell about the team work  it can be compared with car driving. Only experience can develop the team, experience that is taken from everyday  life, race weekends, mistakes, losses and victories. In 2011 the team is a favorite of the series, we can say this not in a shy way.
What was the result in team ranking by the final race 2011?
326 point, that quantity of points Esta Motorsports gained after the 6th stage. Two 1st places, two 2nd ones and two 3rd places in the race in Austria. The team won the 1st place in Dealers Cup, having scored 98 (!) points during a weekend. The margin between the team and the nearest competitor was 45 point. In 2011 it was the best result and the biggest margin. At final race we surpassed ourselves and gained 103 point, its a record of the whole championship.
What is the working scheme of the team during the race?
The team is divided into two parts, the first one comes well in advance or stays after the race to do some preparations, adjust/frame cars and make some other things, the second part arrives by the race day. There is a checked formula minimum two mechanics per one car and special service men attending to tyre and petrol.
Team members
All the team members but for one man are Russian. Our director in Italy is half Italian, half American. He makes a lot for us, in foreign country its important to have at least one insider. In the whole its some micro national idea, Russian team Russian people. We support our nation. Our team of drivers is multinational there are representatives from Russia, Ukraine, Germany. And now they drive for a victory or a podium nearly every time.
What kind of technically difficult work is held?
We think that any car can be repaired and the qualification of our guys allows to hold any kind of work very quickly. We got used to build cars. For example, in the last season we restored the car in 3 hours between the races, the car practically had no front-end after the crash at a speed of 200 hp. If there is something serious with the engine and it takes much time to eliminate the problem or we need a special equipment, its simply and cheaper to take another engine.
What are the peculiarities of the championship?
Generally speaking the peculiarity is that its a dealers championship. Having bought a car, you cant come and say that you want to participate in the race. Your participation can be applied only by the dealer or you can rent a car at the dealer as for example the Swiss do. Weve got our own team but concerning the dealer we drive for Ferrari Moscow.


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